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Our Mission
The Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation provides the Pennington Biomedical Research Center with vital funding for nutrition-based research which aims to prevent premature death from chronic diseases.

Since 1988, the mission of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center has been to promote healthier lives through research and education in nutrition and preventive medicine. As the largest academic-based nutritional research center in the world, we have the unique distinction of housing the greatest concentration of obesity research scientists. This has put the Center at the forefront of discovery as it relates to understanding the causes of the obesity epidemic and the life-threatening diseases of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer that are associated with it.

Through the Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation, gifts from individuals, foundations and businesses are imperative to fuel the groundbreaking work of the scientists and their world-renowned work. Your gift provides “bridge” funding to enhance promising new discoveries into a fast track process, providing the Center with a margin of excellence that keeps it among the elite research institutions worldwide.

Foundation History
PBRC GroundbreakingA part of the Louisiana State University System, the Pennington Biomedical Research Center is a world leader in obesity research and disease prevention because our generous Founder, C.B. “Doc” Pennington, displayed tremendous wisdom about the future of health research. In doing so, he provided the laboratories and facilities, but challenged others to fill these buildings with top-notch researchers and world-renowned science.

Doc and Irene Pennington “Doc” Pennington and his wife Irene bestowed upon the LSU System, one of the most generous gifts ever from a private individual to a public institution. “Doc” Pennington’s directions were simple…”build me the best nutritional research center in the country.” However, it was important to Doc that others join this effort and contribute to the success of this endeavor.

The Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation was created in the late 1980’s to help fulfill this challenge. A small but dedicated group of community leaders joined together to find the necessary funding to recruit and hire the first Executive Director for the Center, Dr. George Bray. These same leaders helped to launch a major campaign to raise unrestricted funds, essential for commencing operations of the Center. Among those early leaders that we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude are John Barton, Sr., Leonard Nachman, Chuck McCoy, Bob Greer, Bill Wright, Terrell Brown, and Kevin Reilly, Sr.

Over the years, the Foundation has played a valuable role in supporting the Center. We maintain the Center’s endowments, which includes 3 professorships and 10 chairs. We also seek to create additional avenues of funding that will allow the Center to grow and that helps to meet the funding gaps, thus providing a margin of excellence. And an investment in the Pennington Biomedical Research Center brings strong results. For every dollar of private support received, the Center is able to create $3 to 4 additional dollars in Federal support.

Today, the Foundation continually seeks to find additional avenues to support the Center in achieving its mission and ambitious goals and vision. We invite you to join our efforts.

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